Mussels of Brehat

  • Mussels on droppers are harvesting after one year in the sea ...
  • Long-lines mussels

    They are the open sea mussels above all. Located around the islands of Bréhat, these mussels are breeding in one of the most wild and richest site of Brittany. These mussels remain all the time in water during at least one year. Harvest starts in general at the beginning of July to finish in April of the following year, period during which they are reproducing. A rope is stretched horizontally near the water surface and maintained less than one meter from the surface with buoys. Mussels are grown on vertical ropes known as ‘droppers' which hang from the horizontal rope for a length of 4m.

    Intertidal Pole Culture

    Intertidal pole culture, also known as the bouchot technique is mainly utilised in France. In this method, ropes with spat attached are wound around large vertical poles (bouchots) in the intertidal zone. A mesh netting is used to cover the mussels to prevent them being detached and lost.