Prestigious oysters

  • Oyster tubes in tables ...
  • Hollow oysters

    First enlargement on tubes : The first cycle of life of oysters “La Paimpolaise du Large” occurs on tubes, where oysters spend a little more than one year. At the end of the first year, oysters are unstuck: they are mechanically detached from tubes.Then, they all are separated manually and a first sorting is carried out to arise from it most beautiful of them.

    Oysters breeding in bags : Once the first enlargement on tubes carried out, oysters can stay in bags during two years before being saleable. A refinement of oysters on the ground is sometimes realised for the best pleasure of consumers.

    Oysters on ground : It is the real wild oyster .Becoming very rare because of predators and the scarcity of parks able to produce them, this oyster presents an authentic taste, very iodized and very firm. The oyster on the ground is in more very fleshy, it is the oyster of the oyster lovers... This kind of oyster is became the specificity of “La Paimpolaise du Large” so that the majority of oysters sold under this name pass by the parks on the ground. It is real special of open sea!!

    Flat oysters

    The flat oysters have existed in Brittany for centuries. It was the fame of “La Paimpolaise du Large” in the Sixties. Since the beginning of the Eighties, its production has been made difficult because of a disease which dissipated it. “La Paimpolaise du Large” still products a little on the ground in order to make the breeding more wild and limiting the loss by disease.