• Post publicity of “The Paimpolaise du Large” in the Seventies.
    The " La Paimpolaise du Large " history

    1934-1953 : First discovered richnesses of the Paimpol bay with vast possibilities for the oyster breeding of higher quality.

    1953 : Henri Mahéo, the pioneer of the oyster breeding of the Paimpol bay decides to develop his breeding and wants to make known the quality of the product: he created “La Paimpolaise du Large”. The basin of Paimpol becomes recognized then for the higher quality of these flat oysters. They exported their luxuary products everywhere in Europe and are more and more required of famous restaurants.

    1974 : "La Paimpolaise du Large" begins the breeding of hollow oysters. The flat oysters started to be affected by a disease which decimated its production.

    2003 : Ets Rouzès took again the production of “La Paimpolaise du Large ”: The hollow oyster is mainly breed with old production methods, making it very wild with a single taste. The flat oysters are still produced in a traditional way: however its production remains marginal. “La Paimpolaise du Large” markets also the “Mussels of Bréhat”, in a single environment around the most flowered island of Brittany, a true marine animal-life confers on the “Mussels of Bréhat” a marked taste and full of character.